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Monday, November 15th
13:00 Opening Remarks
13:15 Invited Talk

Variational Methods and Convex Relaxation Techniques for Computer Vision

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers, Technical University Munich

14:05 Session A / Geometry, Meshes & Terrain I

QEM-Filtering: A New Technique for Feature-Sensitive Terrain Mesh Simplification

Falko Löffler and Heidrun Schumann

Direct Resampling for Isotropic Surface Remeshing

Simon Fuhrmann, Jens Ackermann, Thomas Kalbe and Michael Goesele

Graphical Interface Models for Procedural Mesh Growing

Stefan Menz, Holger Dammertz, Johannes Hanika, Michael Weber and Hendrik P. A. Lensch

Parallel View-Dependent Out-of-Core Progressive Meshes

Evgenij Derzapf, Nicolas Menzel and Michael Guthe

15:25 Coffee Break
15:55 Session B / Calibration, Registration, Detection

Pixel-Based Hyperparameter Selection for Feature-Based Image Registration

Florent Brunet, Adrien Bartoli; Nassir Navab and Rémy Malgouyres

CALTag: High Precision Fiducial Markers for Camera Calibration

Bradley Atcheson, Felix Heide and Wolfgang Heidrich

Analysis of Structural Dependencies for the Automatic Visual Inspection of Wire Ropes

Daniel Haase, Esther-Sabrina Wacker, Ernst Günter Schukat-Talamazzini and Joachim Denzler

Real-time Full-body Visual Traits Recognition from Image Sequences

Christoph Jung, Reimar Tausch and Christian Wojek

19:00 Welcome Reception by the City Mayor (City Hall)

Tuesday, November 16th
9:00 Session A / Texturing, Rendering & Illumination

Global Illumination using Parallel Global Ray Bundles

Jan Hermes, Niklas Henrich, Thorsten Grosch and Stefan Mueller

Relighting Spherical Light Fields With Polynomial Texture Maps

Lisa Brueckbauer, Christof Rezk-Salama and Andreas Kolb

Instant Texture Synthesis by Numbers

Pau Panareda Busto, Christian Eisenacher, Sylvain Lefebvre and Marc Stamminger

Proxy-Guided Texture Synthesis for Rendering Natural Scenes

Nicolas Bonneel, Michiel van de Panne, Sylvain Lefebvre and George Drettakis

10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Session B / Images & Videos

Interactive Visualization and Tuning of SIFT Indexing

Pavan Kumar Dasari and P.J. Narayanan

Geometry-Aware Video Registration

Gianpalo Palma, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, Massimiliano Corsini and Roberto Scopigno

Multi-Image Interpolation based on Graph-Cuts and Symmetric Optical Flow

Christian Linz, Christian Lipski and Marcus Magnor

Coherent Background Video Inpainting through Kalman Smoothing along Trajectories

Aurélie Bugeau, Paul Gargallo, Olivier D'Hondt, Alexandre Hervieu, Nicolas Papadakis and Vicent Caselles

Interactive Multi-View Façade Image Editing

Przemyslaw Musialski, Christian Luksch, Michael Schwärzler, Matthias Buchetics, Stefan Maierhofer and Werner Purgathofer

12:40 Lunch Break
13:40 Invited Talk

Computer Graphics 2.0 - The Virtual World is not Enough

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Magnor, Technical University Braunschweig

14:30 Poster Fast Forward
14:50 Poster Session & Coffee Break

Locally Planar and Affine Deformable Surface Reconstruction from Video

Toby Collins and Adrien Bartoli

DC-Splines: Revisiting the Trilinear Interpolation on the Body-Centered Cubic Lattice

Balázs Domonkos and Balázs Csébfalvi

Dynamic Focus + Context for Volume Rendering

Peter Sikachev, Peter Rautek, Stefan Bruckner and Eduard Gröller

An Interactive, Multi-Modal Approach to Analysing High-Resolution Image Mass Spectrometry Data

Ferdi A. Smit, Robert van Liere, Lara Fornai and Ron Heeren

ZIPMAPS: Zoom-Into-Parts Texture Maps

Martin Eisemann and Marcus Magnor

Adaptive Image-space Stereo View Synthesis

Piotr Didyk, Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Karol Myszkowski and Hans-Peter Seidel

Visual Analysis of Multivariate Movement Data using Interactive Difference Views

Ove Daae Lampe, Johannes Kehrer and Helwig Hauser

Geometric Reconstruction of the Ostium of Cerebral Aneurysms

Mathias Neugebauer, Volker Diehl, Martin Skalej and Bernhard Preim

Direct Image Registration without Region of Interest

Florent Brunet, Adrien Bartoli, Nassir Navab and Rémy Malgouyres

Evaluation of Geometric Registration Methods for Using Spatial Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Christoffer Menk, Eduard Jundt and Reinhard Koch

Gerbil - A Novel Software Framework for Visualization and Analysis in the Multispectral Domain

Johannes Jordan and Elli Angelopoulou

Image-Error-based Level of Detail for Landscape Visualization

Malte Clasen and Steffen Prohaska

Massively Parallel Multiclass Object Recognition

Helmut Sedding, Ferdinand Deger, Holger Dammertz, Jan Bouecke and Hendrik P. A. Lensch

14:50 Meeting BW-FIT Research Network

Visualization on Gigapixel Displays - An Introduction

Oliver Deussen

Visualization Hardware for Computing Clusters and HR-Displays

Christoph Müller

Interaction Techniques and Tool Support for High-Resolution Displays

Toni Schmidt

Appropriate Visualization Techniques for Large Displays

Florian Mansmann

Art Projects at the ZKM on a High-Resolution Display

Nikolaus Völzow

16:20 GI-Meeting Graphische Datenverarbeitung (GDV)
19:30 Conference Dinner (Münzwerk)

Wednesday, November 17th
9:00 Session A / Volume Rendering & Visualization

Tuvok - An Architecture for Large Scale Volume Rendering

Thomas Fogal and Jens Krüger

Topology-Caching for Dynamic Particle Volume Raycasting

Jens Orthmann, Maik Keller and Andreas Kolb

Visualization of Effective Connectivity of the Brain

Sebastian Eichelbaum, Alexander Wiebel, Mario Hlawitschka, Alfred Anwander, Thomas R. Knösche and Gerik Scheuermann

10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Session B / Segmentation & Reconstruction

Ultrasound Painting of Liver Vascular Tree

Åsmund Birkeland and Ivan Viola

Reconstructing Shape and Motion from Asynchronous Cameras

Felix Klose, Christian Lipski and Marcus Magnor

Convex Relaxation for Grain Segmentation at Atomic Scale

Markus Boerdgen, Benjamin Berkels, Martin Rumpf and Daniel Cremers

11:30 Short Break
11:40 Session C / Volume- & Tensor Data

Cost-Effective Feature Enhancement for Volume Datasets

Jose Díaz, Jordi Marco and Pere-Pau Vázquez

Feature Preserving Sketching of Volume Data

Jens Kerber, Martin Bokeloh, Michael Wand, Jens Krüger and Hans-Peter Seidel

Application of Tensor Approximation to Multiscale Volume Feature Representation

Susanne K. Suter, Christoph P.E. Zollikofer and Renato Pajarola

12:40 Lunch Break
13:40 Invited Talk

Rendering and Interacting with Large Scale Volumetric Data for Medical Applications

Prof. Dr. Anders Ynnerman, Linköpings Universitet Sweden

14:30 Coffee Break
15:00 Session D / Geometry, Meshes & Terrain II

Hardware Accelerated 3D Mesh Painting

Randolf Schärfig and Kai Hormann

Continuous Deformations of Implicit Surfaces

Janick Martinez Esturo, Christian Roessl and Holger Theisel

The Minimal Bounding Volume Hierarchy

Pablo Bauszat, Martin Eisemann and Marcus Magnor

3D Curve-Skeleton Extraction Using Pseudo-Normal Vector Field

Natapon Pantuwong and Masanori Sugimoto

16:20 Best Paper Award & Closing Remarks